Monday, December 13, 2010

Rant 4: Uhuhuh, stab city and other tedious non-statements...

What a way to kick off the rebirth of "the war against stupidity" with a rant and a rave...

So enough with the shit, lets get cracking...

First of all, as many of you good people know, I'm a born and bred son of the Shannonside city, Limerick (although I live in the deep south of the country these days), I still have huge ties to Limerick, and have fond memories of the place and a few not so fond memories of the place...but thats just anywhere really, every city has its plus points and minus points and the old country has its fair share of both.

However, and call me tribal if you dare, it really does burn me up when people choose to focus on only one aspect of Limerick and rather than spell it out, I'll show you this clip...

Yeah, hahahahahaha, stabby stabby robby robby, hooo yeah, Limerick is a place where even cartoon infants aren't safe from the Limerick disease, ahahahahaha, yeah, right on, Jackson, you fucking nailed it.


Seriously though, ladies and gentlemen, is that all you think of when you think of Limerick? Knives, pick-pockets, etc? Is this the perception that people both at home and abroad have of my city?

Now, it's time for a reality check....

1. Most of the people who rag on the old city have never been there and have never spent any time there.

2. There is a lot more to Limerick that meets the eye...we have a great local music scene, some great spots to go out in (well, maybe one or two, but they happen to be first-class in my opinion...)

3. The likelihood of you getting stabbed or robbed in Limerick is slim. Very slim, really. I'm not saying that it doesnt happen, because it does every once in a while...I'd like to stress the "once in a while" thing, it very rarely happens.

4. Family Guy is shit. Personal opinion and clearly subjective.

5. Limerick people or at the very least the ones that I could be bothered to stay in regular contact with are amongst the friendliest, most direct people in this country and without a doubt, the most dedicated towards having a good time. See for yourself, visit Baker's or any establishment in the city or a Limerick house-party and you will see hedonism on a grand scale.

6. Limerick folk are the kind of people that wouldn't think twice about calling you an idiot and telling you to cop on to yourself if you were acting the bollocks, but they're also the sort of people that would give you the shirt off their back if you found yourself in times of need. We're rough around the edges but we care about the people we love.

7. There is more to Limerick than crime or violence...those aspects are merely just a minor detail in the hearts and minds of those of us who have spent more than 5 minutes in the place.

So instead of Limerick taking a beating all the time, here's an idea, and heh, allow me to quote myself...

It'd be hilarious if someone put together a video of Stewie getting stabbed with a syringe full of heroin or else spending a few hours in the A&E after getting beat up by some prick for not wearing the same school's rugby jersey as all the goys down the battle cruiser, roysh, (Family Guy goes to Dublin) or else Stewie getting the ear talked off him by some cunt with a stupid sing song voice about "how its grate down here, bai, like" (Stewie in Cork) or a video of Stewie vomiting blood in the Spanish Arch surrounded by bottles of Buckfast (Stewie goes to Galway)...

Now, just before anyone gets offended by that, let me just say that I've met some of the best people in the world in Dublin and have had many good times up there (August of this year and October in particular), I currently study and live in Cork and have had some fantastic times down here (probably helped by the fact that my housemates are mostly Limerick guys, hahaha, although the vast rank and file of Cork folk are actually heroes, silly accent notwithstanding), have had many a drunken night in Galway and yes, I have puked all over the Spanish Arch after drinking too much Buckfast.

I've said this once and I'll say it a thousand times and I'll keep saying it 'till people are blue in the face from hearing it, though its often all too conveniant to mock Limerick people or our supposed criminal gangs that apparently hold our city to ransom (bullshit, kids), remember this, perception isn't reality, Limerick is no more or less shit than any other city in this country but its far better and far safer than you'd possibly ever think.

A lot more goes on here than meets the eye. Come here some time and shock horror you might actually learn something about the place, maybe even enjoy yourself. It has been known to happen.

Therefore, give it a rest or at the very least, open your windows and take a look outside at where you are and then try and tell me that the place you live in is paradise...


  1. I have to disagree with you.

    Family Guy being shit is not subjective. It is an objective fact.

    Everything else you said was dead the fuck on.

  2. I'm still waiting for those animations kid..

  3. Finn: Cheers, sir.

    bluemoon412: Expect to wait.