Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ahahaha: No. 2

With thanks to one Steve Hunt for bringing this to my attention...

A brief lesson detailing how Lady Gaga "writes songs".

Funny thing about this video is that this is the kind of shit that it (it being Lady Caca) actually mutters everytime it opens its mouth. Yer one behind the video actually nailed the parody to the point where even she became just as unreasonably obnoxious as the real thing.

Urgh urrrrrrrrrrrgh urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, what the fuck, robot duck, etc.

An explosion of emotion? My shite.

If there is any point to be reached after this short and not entirely sweet burst of venom, it is this...

Lady Caca = the personification of stupidity in this modern age.

Your voice of unrestrained and sometimes unfocused bile against all that is shit


  1. Yeah Lady Gaga annoys me because she's not really doing too much original and doesn't have much substance to her music. Because she dresses a bit odd, she's all avante garde to the teeny boppers who would probably rip the piss out of any of their friends who dared dress a bit differently. Reinforces a kind of class divide instead of inspiring people.

  2. I'm with you on that one Destroid. Meh, I've always been blind to the hype concerning that of which whose name we've already mentioned far too often and I really can't say that she impresses me or that her music inspires any sort of reaction in me other than disdain.

    For crying out loud, there are many talented women in the music field these days, Marnie Stern, Yoko Kanno, RGB, Bat For Lashes, Melody Gardot, Alison Goldfrapp, to name but a few, who offer great music with substance, all without relying on a kooky, kitschy image...

    They offer real originality...whereas Lady Gaga's shite is another attempt to prove the old adage "perception equals reality" true. Its not working on me, and by the looks of things, its not working on you either. My friend, I reckon we should keep it that way.

    Fight the power!