Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It begins...

Test posts are stupid.

You hate them, I hate them, let's be frank, they're quite unreasonably dire.

They can be necessary sometimes, however, and this situation calls for tentative movement before we unleash a torrent of righteous indignation aimed at the vacuous, the ignorant, and well, anything out there that causes us to throw our arms aloft in the world and scream our indignation to the heavens above.

Something along those lines.

A summary of the blog: A mostly humorous, sometimes deathly serious account of my personal quest to highlight and rail against idiocy and stupidity in all its forms.

Some content may be considered unsuitable for the easily offended or those who are weak of bladder. I apologise for nothing but I do promise that it will be hilarious.

Your crusader against all things stupid
James Fitzgerald

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